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Holiday Strategies

Holiday Strategies for Optimal Health

We all fear what happens during the holiday season; candy, cookies, pies, and pot lucks at the office, special lunch and dinner celebrations, traveling and/or vacations and, of course, more stress than normal.

Remember, Holidays are intended to be social gatherings, with friends and family.

They are not an excuse for creating EATING FRENZIES.

Plan fun activities to make the day special. Include group walks or sports activities.

Did you know? The average weight gain over the Holiday season is 6-8 pounds!

Wouldn’t it be great to fall below the average?

Let’s go over a few strategies that will help you get through this tempting time.

1. Seek Support! Through your family, Health Coach and support calls.

2. Eat a Low Calorie/Low-Glycemic snack every 2-3 hours.

3. Eat healthy fast foods…keep your fuelings close by!

4. Fuel up before going to a party, don’t go to any event hungry!

5. POTLUCK? Bring a Healthy Dish you know you can enjoy

6. DO NOT Stand Next to the Buffet Table!

7. Eat more of the salads and green veggies at a dinner party and make the

lean protein a “side dish”

8. Avoid Portion Distortion, use only small plates! Fill this small plate with

veggies first!

9. Learn to ‘eyeball’ the proper serving size that is right for you and stick with

them when dining out or dishing up meals.

10. Special holiday food you can’t live without? Take one or two bites, just a taste

and you will be surprised how satisfying it is.

11. Try not to serve family meals ‘family-style’. Keep full dishes away from the

table where it is all too easy to serve extra helpings!

12. Modify recipes to lower fats and sugars. Contact your Health coach for


13. Send all high calorie foods home with someone you don’t like.

14. Put a sugar free mint or gum in your mouth to keep from nibbling

15. Watch out for high sugar drinks. Opt for zero calorie drinks.

16. Ask for sparkling water and lime instead of beer and wine

17. Be the Designated Driver. If you do drink, drink responsibly. Limit yourself to a

light beer or glass of wine

18. Physical activity, walks and games, are a good way to burn calories.

19. Give gifts of raw almonds, tea, dark chocolate and red wine.

20. Do not throw in the towel for the week because of one over indulgence.

21. Use the Holidays as an opportunity to be a role model for healthier living to

those around you.

Have Fun!!!! Become great at mingling…Be the Healthy life of the party!!!

My Daily Holiday Schedule

Time What I Ate

____________ Wake up

____________ Breakfast ____________________

____________ Mid Morning _________________

____________ Lunch _____________________

____________ Mid Afternoon ________________

____________ Dinner _____________________

____________ Evening ____________________

Snacks __________________________________

Type of exercise today_______________________________________

I exercised for how long? _______________

Today I feel…______________________________

My Challenges were__________________________

What did learn? ____________________________

My Plan for tomorrow_______________________________________


I am one day closer to my healthy weight! I can do this. I Choose Health!!

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