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Waiting For Health

Shortly after my mother passed away, my father asked me to help sort her clothing for donation to local charities. I discovered one of her closets was filled with coordinated outfits she had purchased or been given over the years. Almost all with the tags on them. In the same closet, were shoes, purses, slippers, make-up, 'good soaps' and colognes all in their original boxes and bags. Before I could ask, my father said, 'She was saving them for the new house'. Which was code in our family for: The right moment, a special occasion, a sign with permission to use.

Are you waiting for a sign to create amazing health in your life? Are you waiting for the right moment? For things to calm down? Are you waiting to get past the holidays to start the new year fresh? Is there ever a right moment?

What if, this is the right moment? Now, before you consider the million things that might hold you back, decide that today, you will stop saving for the new house, take the price tags off your body, and commit to one thing that honors and respects your long term health goals.

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